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Cissus Quadrangularis Extract

Cissus Quadrangularis Extract
  • Cissus Quadrangularis Extract
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Product Details:

Packaging TypeSilver Pouch
Pack Size200 gm

Botanical Name Cissus Quadrangularis

Family Vitaceae

Common Name Hadjod

Synonyms Veldt Grape, Devil's Back bone, asthisonhara, vajravalli

Part Used Stem and leaves

Main Function heal broken bones and injured ligaments and tendons

Hadjod; is Named So Because Of Its Characteristic Property To Help In Proper Healing Of Bones And Union Of Bones In Fracture.
Plant descriptionCissus quadrangularis reaches a height of 1.5 m and has quadrangular-sectioned branches with internodes 8 to 10 cm long and 1.2 to 1.5 cm wide. Along each angle is a leathery edge. Toothed trilobe leaves 2 to 5 cm wide appear at the nodes. Each has a tendril emerging from the opposite side of the node. Racemes of small white, yellowish, or greenish flowers; globular berries are red when ripe.

Cultivation It is probably native to India or Sri Lanka, but is also found in Africa, Arabia, and Southeast Asia. It has been imported to Brazil and the southern United States. It is very commonly known as asthisamharaka.

Effect on Doshas - Hadjod pacifies the Kapha and Vata Doshas while increases the Pitta Dosha which helps in correction of metabolism.
Chemical CompositionIt has been found to contain a rich source of carotenoids, triterpenoids and ascorbic acid.Hadjod contains triterpenoids, -sitosterol, quadrangularins A, B and C, and calcium, which influence quick regeneration of connective tissues around the broken bones.

- Hadjod is recommended In Old Age to Prevent Age Related Changes like Osteoporosis.

- In Bone Fractures Hadjod juice Is Given Orally to unite the Bones Faster. Hadjod has Haemostatic and Joining Properties. In Bone Fractures, It Is Applied Locally Or Its Oil Is Applied.

- Hadjod also Corrects The Metabolism And Helps In Removal Of Unwanted Fats From The Body. When cissus quadrangularis is combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan, it can help promote weight loss. Researchers believe that this supplement helps suppress appetite and burn fat.

- In Nasal Bleeding Hadjod juice Is Used as Nasal Drops.

- Cissus quadrangularis is very high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant nutrient that has been shown to reduce inflammation. Inflammation can cause pain, swelling and numerous other health problems. Many health experts compare the pain-relieving effects of cissus quadrangularis .

- Hadjod calms down the Psychic Part of the Body Which Makes It Very Beneficial for Psychological Problems.

- Because cissus quadrangularis can help lower blood sugar, it can also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

- Hadjod is Also Useful in Skin Diseases.

- It Also Corrects The Working Of Digestive System And Nourishes The Reproductive System.

Dosage- 3-5gm in powder form

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Peppermint Extract

Peppermint Extract
  • Peppermint Extract
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Pack
Packaging TypePACKET

We are recognized in the industry for offering an effective range of Peppermint Extract. The offered range is broadly used in cooking and preparing drinks. Peppermint is full of various vitamins and minerals. Additionally, It finds its usage in various industries, dealing in medicinal and pharmaceutical. To ensure its quality, this range is thoroughly tested on various parameters under the vigilance of our adept professionals.




  • Effective result

  • Purity

  • Dependability



Peppermint (menthapiperita) is a perennial plant found in europe, asia and north america. Although there are over 25 species of peppermint produced by these areas, the majority of peppermint is produced in the united states.


People have been using peppermint medicinally for thousands of years. The ancient egyptians, one of the most medically-advanced ancient cultures, cultivated and used peppermint leaves for indigestion. Additionally, the an cient romans and greeks took peppermint to soothe their stomachs. The plant was used by europeans, especially in western europe, and gained popularity in the 18th century for stomach ailments and menstrual disorders.


Immune system

Some claim that peppermint can help protect you from colds or the flu and that it can help build a stronger immune system. The facts that peppermint has both anti-microbial and antioxidant qualities offers support for this claim.


Peppermint oil diluted with water can be used as a wash capable of alleviating skin problems such as rashes and dry skin. Also, it can be used as a hair rinse to soothe both dry and oily scalp.

Digestive issues

Peppermint can aid in the reduction of a number of painful digestive problems including gas, bloating and nausea. Additionally, it can help ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. One study showed that 75% of participants who took a capsule of peppermint oil daily saw a significant decrease in their ibs symptoms, in comparison with 38% who took a placebo capsule.

Menstrual symptoms

Painful cramps and nausea caused by a woman's natural cycle can be eased with the help of peppermint. Peppermint acts as a muscle relaxer and therefore reduces the pain caused by a woman's cramps.



The scent of peppermint is energizing and inhaling its scent can result in heightened levels of energy. Candles made with peppermint oil, peppermint oil placed in a diffuser and peppermint tea are a few ways this benefit of peppermint can be enjoyed.


Topical application of peppermint oil can reduce certain types of minor headaches. Peppermint oil, diluted with another oil, can be applied directly to the forehead or upper sinus areas. In fact, a german study showed peppermint to have the same power as 1,000 milligrams of acetaminophen.

Pain relief

The main ingredient in peppermint, menthol, creates a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. As a result it can temporarily reduce minor levels of pain associated with athletic injuries, overuse or muscle pain.

Congestion and clearer breathing

Menthol is also responsible for peppermint's respiratory-aiding properties. The herb can be used topically or in a tea to alleviate common respiratory symptoms such as congestion, coughing and difficulty breathing caused by obstructed or inflamed passages.

Drugs¿¿License¿¿No. UP8021B000019

Drugs¿¿License¿¿No. UP8021B000024




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  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer),D/P,D/A,COD
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Yerba Mate Extract

Yerba Mate Extract
  • Yerba Mate Extract
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  • Botanical: ilex paraguariensis; ilex paraguayensis
  • Family: Aquifoliaceae (holly)
  • Other common names: maté, south american holly, ilex, paraguay tea, st. Bartholomew's tea
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Gotu Kola Extract

Gotu Kola Extract
  • Gotu Kola Extract
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Pack
Packaging TypePouch
Grade StandardMedicine Grade
Pack SizeGram
BrandNavchetana Kendra
Is It DriedDried

Scientific Name(s) Centella asiatica, Hydrocotyle asiatica

Family Name Umbelifers

Common Name (s) Gotu Kola, Brahmi, Chi-hsueh Ts'ao, man t'ien hsing, Indian Pennywort, Brahma-manduki, Marsh penny, Water pennywort.

Gotu kola is regarded as perhaps the most spiritual of all herbs in India. Growing in some areas of the Himalayas, gotu kola is used by yogis to improve meditation. It is said to develop the crown chakra, the energy center at the top of the head and to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which the leaf is said to resemble.

Health Benefits Gotu Kola Extract

  • Boosts central nervous system
  • Combats high blood pressure
  • Improves circulatory system
  • Repairs skin

Quantity = 200 Gram (As a natural herbal extract).

Note These rates are applicable for personal use only if the quantities are change, rates would be negotiable.

Drugs License No. UP8021B000019
Drugs License No. UP8021B000024

FASSAI No.12718001000428



Additional Information:

  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer),D/P,D/A,COD
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Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract

Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract
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Owing to the expertise of our professionals, we are engaged in offering our clients the best quality Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract which is highly effective against hemorrhage and skin complaints, the offered extract is processed from the stinging nettle leaf. This stimulates stomach, bowel, liver and gall bladder as well as milk production for mothers breast-feeding. This extract is provided in various packaging options to our patrons.


  • Strong organ stimulant
  • Longer shelf life
  • Ease of usage
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